Q. What’s the difference between staging and redesign?

A. The emphasis of staging is to create a show room look that is a bit more neutral and the emphasis of redesign is to create a beautiful and functional space that reflects your own unique style, personality and interests. When staging a home for sale, we  remove things that could distract potential buyers from focusing on the home. We want people to remember your house, not your things.

Q. What is the similarity between the two?

A. In both cases, we use what the homeowner already has rather than tell them to  spend a lot of money on new things. Sometimes we do suggest a few small purchases to complete the look and freshen the appearance.

Q. What exactly does a stager do?

A. The goal of the stager is to make the home as appealing as possible to the widest range of potential buyers as possible. This is accomplished by:

Q. Why is this important?

A. Buying a home is largely an emotional decision. Unless a person makes a positive connection to the space, he will emotionally move on. Prospective buyers typically make up their minds seconds upon entering a home and often before they even walk in the door. You can see why it is critical to make a great first impression. Also, people have a difficult time seeing the full potential of a home if it is not fully demonstrated.

Q. What does the staging process look like?

A. The stager usually does a consultation first and provides the homeowner and realtor with a prioritized list of recommendations to insure that the home sells quickly and for maximum profit. The homeowners can do some of the work themselves, or they can opt to have the professional do the work. In the makeover process, the redesigner clears the entire room of all furniture (except for very heavy pieces), accessories and artwork. Then with the permission of the homeowner, they shop the home for additional pieces or accessories that may be incorporated into the arrangement. Using the architecture as a guide, a focal point is established and the larger pieces are returned to the room carefully arranged for balance and flow. Next, the smaller pieces are added and then the accessories. Last of all, artwork is re-hung properly and lighting and greenery are added for the final touch.

Q. Can I watch?

A. We want to keep your costs down and we are more efficient when we work alone but you are welcome to stay if you'd like.

Q. What does the redesign process look like?

A. It’s similar to  staging except that instead of a consultation, we do a free preview of the home in which we talk about your style, how you live and how you want the rooms to function. We also incorporate all your personal photos and anything that you love and want to display.

Q. So what if I’m not happy with the new look?

A. Well, it hasn’t happened yet but if you aren’t happy, neither are we. In fact, if you are not delighted, we will put everything back the way it was and you will not be charged. Period. That’s our no-risk guarantee.

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